Clay and Tea Tree Oil Sudz Product Review

Clay and Tea Tree Oil Product Review

Since I am a Mineral Girlz Consultant and have been trying to sell the awesome products that we offer I wanted to do a product review on one of the items that I have been using. I have just recently started using the Clay and Tea Tree Oil Sudz, and have found that it really is a pleasure to use everyday. I have always had times when my face is very dry and also due to that dryness it breaksout. So I decided to go ahead and try this great bar of soap. So after using this product for a week I have noticed a huge difference in the way that my skin feels it’s so soft and also with the way that it looks, it’s not breaking out anymore and it’s much clearer than it was one week ago. The tea tree oil helps out with the breakouts, pimples, acne, and blackheads. The clay helps out keep the skin soft and smooth. Add them both together and you get a great product to use on your face everyday. I got two bars just in case I ran out but I haven’t even made a dent in the one bar I have and have used it religiously since I first got it. The price of the soap or as we call them, Sudz is $4.50 for a 5 ounce bar but let me tell you this is going to last you a good while. I have been told about that because you don’t use a lot when you do scrub or wash your face. So in actuality you get your money’s worth. Plus if you have teenagers or even breakout yourself why not try a product that will help with that. If I didn’t believe in it and in the brand I would not be using it or selling it!

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