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Self Defense Product Review

I was chosen to review another great product and I have so here it goes. I received in the mail last week a Personal Alarm that had a light included in it. It is very small and it’s very lightweight which in my opinion is the thing that I am always looking for since I have to carry so many other things around for my 3 year old. This is not a bad item to have and I found that the sound that it makes is very ear piercing which is good if you are ever in a situation to where you would need to use it. It would definitely get others attention that’s for sure. I liked the light too because I use it to open my door at night since we live in the country and sometimes it’s hard to see the door lock when you are in the pitch dark. I have even showed it to a few people and they are looking into getting one too. The personal alarm is not that expensive either which is another plus because for people like me who have kids you are always looking to spend cheaply on yourself but spend lots of money on the kids. So if you are needing some self defense products for yourself then why not check them out now. Christmas is one week away so hurry up! Protect yourself!

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