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This weekend was a good weekend for the most part. Besides this nasty cough I have it’s been good. On Saturday we went to Terry’s Aunt Roses’ house and had the family Christmas get together. Olivia got the Bedtime Carebear with the DVD and she loves it. She has slept with it both nights and is begging to bring it with her everywhere we go. I won’t allow her to take it to the church nursery or the daycare but other than that she can take it anywhere she wants. Saturday night we went to the Grand March which is like a ballroom dance competition that Jamie was in. Justin danced with her for two rounds and then for the swing round she had another dance partner. I also saw Terry’s old band teacher. hahaha. I think it was funny. He seemed like he was nice though.

Then yesterday morning began the saga of the no power situation. I woke up yesterday to the sound of a large “pop” sound only to realize that the transformer blew at my inlaws house. Ugh. The entire neighborhood was out of power for about an hour. So I had to take a lukewarm shower and go without drying my hair. Oh how lovely right? it wasn’t so bad I guess. So our day got off to a bad start there. Then I went into church and had to leave early because there was a couple that sat in front of me that smelled like musty smoke and they reaked of it too. That started the coughing attack that I couldn’t stop. I left church then. At lunch it was good but we had chili and franks which was very good but upset my stomach so once again I was not feeling good. So it was a never ending story on that end. Then I turn my cell phone on only to find out that our power is off. It was knocked out by a tree falling on the lines. great. Then I get a phone call from my husbands cousin telling me that she thinks that my grandfather is in the Emergency Room at Nash General. Ugh. I know this isn’t good at all.

I called my mom and got her only to find out that my grandfather had several “hits” to his heart through his defibrillator and he was being shipped out to Wake Med immediately. I couldn’t do much because I am still sick and can’t go out and see him. I feel awful about it but I can’t do anything. Oh well. Last night I came to my parents house and I stayed the night since we didn’t have any power. Ugh. This stunk too. I just wanted to sleep in my bed is all I wanted to do. But I slept in my sisters bed upstairs. I have some new pictures but will have to load them up sometime this week when I get a chance to. Tonight is my final at school so I’m excited about that.

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