Still Sick.

I hate being sick and it seems to be getting worse than better. I did last night stop off at Starbucks and got a hot drink and that was very soothing to my throat. Much needed but again I’m still hacking up a lung and have now fever and chills. Olivia started coughing this morning so I’m going to start to tackle this before it tackles her. I don’t want her to be as sick as I am. It’s not fair to her at all and she would be pure miserable too. We have tomorrow to go to Terry’s family Christmas day in Elm City and I need to get better before then. I am again tonight going to take some Nyquil and go to bed. It did wonders for me last night meaning no coughing attacks. I’m also going to dress warmly again too. It helps during this winter with the weather the way it is. So I pray that none of you get this nasty thing either because I feel like I have no energy, just want to sleep and can’t get rid of the nasty cough. And I started today with feeling achy all over. I’m only praying it’s a nasty cold and not the flu! I did not get the flu vaccine only because the last time I got it I go very sick. So I wasn’t going to make my immune system eager to getting that sick again.

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