This so frustrates me about how Ebay sellers can get away with this crap. I order a DVD copy of what I thought was the original Disney copy of Pinocchio which Olivia really wanted. I had ordered this probably about 1 month ago and got it about 1 week ago. Well I was starting to wrap presents on Wednesday and I looked very closely. The thing looks like a bootlegged copy. I’m so upset that now at the last minute I’m having to go on Ebay and purchase another copy. I emailed the seller to see if the copy was a real copy and they said yes and it has all of the original packaging from the Disney Store but I just wanted to make sure of it. So I’m just really pissed off that this other seller took so long to get the DVD to me and also that they lied to me about it being a real copy of the movie. I’m just so frustrated with the seller. Then I go and tell them that the movie is not the original copy and I want my money back and they told me that since it’s not their fault that I bought it but that I am out of my money and I can do whatever I want to the movie. ARRRRRGHHHHH! I just want for Ebay to catch these people when they sell the items or if they could post an actual picture of the DVD that would be better. Oh well, just a lesson learned I guess. I just placed a bid on another one that looks very legit and have already emailed the seller to ask them about if it is a real one and they have replied back saying yes and even emailed a copy of the receipt from Disney Store to me to show that it is real. So that makes me feel so much better.

Now what am I supposed to do about this bootlegged copy?

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