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Mineral Girlz Makeover

I received my Mineral Girlz makeup last week and the other half of it this week. Still have another order that is coming maybe either today or the end of the week. But here is what I have done with myself using Mineral Girlz makeup. I have to say that it’s very smooth on my face and it brings out sort of a glow like on me. I was going to put it on this morning but didn’t have time to. Oh well, I will tomorrow. So if you are looking for a healthy new glow with your skin then please check out Mineral Girlz products. We are an all Natural Mineral Makeup and we stand behind our products! I know that I do!!! Below are two pictures….one with no makeup and the other with my Mineral Girlz makeup on. You pick which is better!

Before with No Makeup…

After with Mineral Girlz makeup

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