care homes

Better Care for loved ones?

Are you worried about a loved one that has either fallen or just needs to be some place where there is help? I had a family member that should have gone into one of the care homes that they provide for people who need help or just don’t want to be lonely. Instead after her fall and finding out that she had bone cancer we put her into a rehabilitation center because she had medical problems too. But if my nana never fell we might have put her into one of these homes because it’s like you have your own family and friends right there. I know that when I get old and if I don’t have a husband or if anything were to happen to Terry I would want Olivia to put me in one of these homes. They will be much better than sitting at home all alone and not have anyone to talk to. I mean I know my nana got lonely and maybe if she would have been in one of these homes near by she would have lots of friends. But instead she had us and to her that was all that she wanted. She lived in a house behind my parents and that was good enough for her.

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