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I knew I’d Catch you

Have you ever been in a relationship to where the other person lied to you? You felt that you were being lied to the entire time about things like their life and if there are living another life as another person? I have been in that kind of relationship before and let me tell you I had been used and it hurt bad. If only I had a LiarCard then and I could have used that to tell if he was lying to me or not. I have a trust thing with men after this happened and I don’t feel I should have to have this problem but I do. Yes even though I’m married it’s still hard to trust people you love.

Well the LiarCard is a Voice Polygraph that will forever change the landscape of whether or not you are being lied too. It is the most powerful tool in the chest to tell whether or not you are being lied to by your business partner, spouse, child or anyone else you may suspect. It is an amazingly accurate analysis that is over 94% accurate. It is used in the smash MTV hit series “Exposed”, and in the upcoming Fox Reality series “Moment of Truth”. By analyzing over 80 different pitch levels in your voice with 800 algorithms per second there is little that one can hide. Plus for $10 worth of free calls you can email Joel at so that you may discuss your experience. Important reminders are that it will only work if the other party does not know it is being used and works much better when the questions are geared to receive long answers as opposed to “yes” or “no’s”. This product will also detect lies in any language spoken as it works on the voice pitches and not language specific.

I think that is a reliable place to get yourself a LiarCard because if I had one I could also use it on my candidate who lie to me about everything about them. I actually had a candidate that went on an interview several months ago and he smoothly talked about him and how much money his family had and where all he worked…only to find out that everything he told me was a lie! He was a big liar and I didn’t work with him again! I feel that in order to get through any relationship and/or interview you have to be honest with us all. If not then how can we trust you and or belive you for that matter? So if you have someone that you are looking to bust on being a liar about everything then check out getting yourself one of these cards. I know I will be looking in at one.

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