chocolate dipped apple, Myrtle Beach

Hmm…This looks so good!

Just recently when Terry and I were down in Myrtle Beach we stopped off at the Fudgery Factory and I wanted to get myself a chocolate dipped apple. I love eating these because I love both green apples and chocolate. The perfect match for me! Well I wanted to get one and Terry said that since it was going to be a while before we got to eat it there we would get one on Sunday before we left for home. Just as I expected Terry and I didn’t get over to the store and so I was very bummed out because it was something I had my heart set on. I guess now I’m going to have to wait until the ones come out at Walmart to get one. Those are around $14 and the ones at the Fudge place were about $7. Big difference too. Oh well I might just order this one from online and have it shipped to me. 🙂 it looks so yummy and also it has one of my favorite candies on it too. What more could I ask for right?

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  1. You know, that sounds just like something that would happen to me. And so I would set about replicating the thing. Think you could find a recipe or make up your own? I’m sorry you didn’t get one, sounds like the perfect match for me too! YUM!!!! And thank you for saying you love to read my blog. I enjoy yours too!

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