Cold Front, Cool Air, Winter

Ahhh…The Cooler Air is Coming

It’s more or less like fall outside right now and pretty soon winter will be here. I sometimes wonder if it is going to ever snow here again or if we have to sit here and ponder about it. I would love to see snow here and to be able to take Olivia sledding on the side of 64 like we used to do back in the day. Yes we were one of the crazy people who would go sledding on the side of the highway because that was where the best hills were. We used to go sledding across a pond once in Maryland and it was the highlight of the year too because we used to use a sewer drain as the jump and then we would slide gently across the ice. We also would use our ice skates and get on there and skate too. Oh those were the days.

Anyways, the cooler air is definitely coming in. Last week it was very chilly and today the cold front is coming in. I can’t wait until it is the true dead winter. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to have a partial white Christmas.

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