We’re Back!

Last night we came home from Myrtle Beach, SC and it was a good and fun trip. On Friday night we went and saw the Dixie Stampede which Olivia had a blast with that. Olivia got a Ty Horse Purse from there and a Flag as well. We also got a picture from there too with the whole family. Olivia was so pissed in the pictures though that we didn’t get one with the three kids. She was so mad it wasn’t even funny. Then Saturday we went to the Tanger outlets for a couple things and then went on over to Steak and Shake for lunch. So yummy too. We then headed over to Bass Pro Shop for a couple things and then went to the hotel afterwards. We thought that we were going to ride the go carts but it was too cold to do so down there this time. Afterwards we all met in my inlaws room and then we all went to dinner at Carolina Roadhouse. Mmm…is all I can say! I was very impressed with the food there. After that we went to The Carolina Opry and had a good time there. Olivia of course was irritated towards the second half of the show because it was a 3 hour long show. She can only sit still for part of it. Then it was all down hill at that part. Well yesterday we checked out and went on over to Boardwalk at the Beach and went to the Disney Store. Then we went on over to Victoria Secret and we went into the Libby Lu Store which was adorable but way too expensive. Then we headed over to Burro Loco for lunch to meet one of my clients. We had a very nice lunch and after that we headed on back home. Olivia was tired and ill and I was tired too. Thank you to Terry for driving for me since I was so tired. Funny I got a full nights sleep last night and I’m still exhausted. Oh well…I guess I will have to go to bed earlier tonight. Oh wait…I can’t because I have school. I might leave after the test though since I have other things to do.

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