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So much to do!

There is so much to do before we head to Myrtle Beach on friday. Today I have to sort of clean out the van and take it to Rocky Mount to have the oil changed in it. Considering I am only about 2000 miles overdue for one. I know it’s time for a new one because my gas mileage is starting to suck. Well dad is out of work today or at least right now because he’s sick. I had to listen to the “man groan” all day yesterday. It’s what my best friend and I call it at least. Hahaha. Well tomorrow night or evening I might take the kids to Target because I need to pick up something from there for Olivia. I have decided that I am going to take her annual Christmas Picture to put in the cards or on the cards this year down at the beach. We already have a cute santa hat and so we need a cute outfit to go with it. I might take it directly on the beach which is going to be so nice. I might even go down where the Dunn’s house is to take it. I don’t want a lot of people in it. Just Olivia would be nice. Of course you know I’m going to take lots of photos for sure while down there. Well I better be going have to go do some kind of work today. LOL

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