It’s Friday!

Today is Friday. It’s the last day of the work week and I’m glad. Yes I haven’t done much this week because of being out with Olivia but I can’t wait until I get to sleep in tomorrow! Olivia is finished with her soccer and I’m so happy too. Now that it has gotten colder out it seems like the games were lasting longer and longer. She is ready to play for next season but I don’t know? It all seems so unreal that this season is over with. I thought they would have played into December but I’m glad they didn’t. I loved watching her play but there were times that she refused to play at all. I think she only missed one game because she was sick. So my weekend plans are not much. Terry is working tonight and tomorrow and he will be off on Sunday. I’m going to see if I can get him up so that he can go to Church with us on sunday morning. It would be nice of him to do so. I am also thinking about going to Target and spending some money on a nice pair of boots dressy boots that is. I would love a pair too! Ok so I better go for now but I will write more later I’m sure.

I am sorry if my last post offended anyone but I needed a picker upper and that got me laughing. Have a great day!

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