She Went…

Yes Olivia went to school today. It was a hassle to get her dressed because she wanted to stay home with me again but I told her I needed to go into work to make money for her Christmas presents and so we can pay the bills. She was ok with that. Sort of. I am glad she is feeling better because I know she missed seeing her friends. So today she is at school and having a good time. She did take her medicines and I’m glad of that. I hate giving her soda but you know if it helps her take her medicine then so be it. I will give it to her then. she took the medicine like it was candy. I’m sure she is bouncing off the wall now and she will crash in a little bit. It’s the decongestant that she is on to help with the coughing and stuffiness. Oh well…it’s all worth it! Just had to share that she is back in school today and I know she is having a good time!

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