Sleep number beds

Are you in need of a new bed? I know that Terry and I are desperately. We have had this bed since we first got married which is only 4 years but before that it was Terry’s bed. He said that this mattress is around 15 years old which it is well over time to replace it. We have been looking into get a different kind of bed like the sleep number bed. All of the sleep number beds are adjustable and comfortable. The quiet, dynamic digital numeric Inflation system allows you to adjust the softness and the firmess of the mattress with a simple touch of a button. Now how cool is that? Plus they now offer mattresses to you where you can get the dual side chamber. That is what we need because I like for my beds to be soft and Terry likes his to be firm. Ugh! Sometimes it feels like we are sleeping on a rock. Just kidding but my last mattress was very comfortable to me. Plus the sleep number beds are not as expensive as we would have thought so. We now have a full size and it would be nice to have a queen size just for the extra room. But we have to make sure that we aren’t paying an arm and a leg for it too. With this bed we can upgrade and still have money left over for a box spring and for a new frame. So if you too are looking for a new bed…check out the sleep number beds too. What do you have to lose right?

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