Last Night Was Ok

Last night when I went to pick up Olivia she told me that she wanted to go to McDonald’s for dinner. Well all I could say was…Eww! I am so tired of eating out that cooking at home is getting more used to what I am bound to say. What in the world has gotten into me? Am I trying to save money well yes and I am trying to eat a bit healthier too. I wish that I had a recipe for pizza dough and such and I would make homemade pizza tonight. You know…I might actually go online today and search for a couple good recipes. Then I can go home and make the pizza instead of buying it and it would be something that Olivia could help out with. She loves pizza anyways so I might just go and do that! I’ll break out my pizza stone too! Since the holidays are coming I am getting into my cooking and making sweet recipes. I have this really quick and easy recipe that I found last year when I had a Pampered Chef Party. I might make that too. It’s the 12 minute cake that you cook in the microwave. Yes that is what I said. Plus I might make some other things too. Oh how I love the holidays. Anyways…just thought I would put this thought into my mind. 🙂

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