National Alzheimer Awareness Month

Did you know that November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month? I sure didn’t but now that I do I will make sure that for everyone I know gets screened. I have a great Uncle who has Alzheimer and it has been very hard on the family because his is so far advanced it’s not even funny. November 13th is National Memory Screening day and if I can get my grandparents to it I will. It is so important for people to get screened early because if not they might not be able to treat or at least help out with the symptoms of Alzheimer. If only my Uncle could have gotten screened then maybe he would remember who we all are when we get together. He keeps calling me Carol which is my moms name so it’s hard but we have to go with the flow with him on that one. He thinks that my daughter is me. It’s so sad but that’s life I guess. Even some participating sites are giving Free Screenings which is awesome to those who don’t have much money or just can’t afford to go to their regular doctor and get tested. I almost wish they had that for children and getting ADHD detected sooner. Reaching out to those who don’t have a ride to get to the screening would also help out because if they can’t get there then they won’t be able to know if they have it or not. On the site of National Screening Day they have it listed to where you want to know what the successful “aging tips” are and yes it is very important too! You need to spread the word to your friends and family. So many people who don’t have a problem with their memory take life not so serious. I for one have memory issues and concentrating on different things so if I need to get tested when I am older then I will do so by all means. It’s very important to me in keeping my life healthy and if I need to then I will take life as it is. Now please note that while there is no cure for Alzheimer yet they are working on getting more information to where they might have one in the future. Maybe when I’m old and getting decrepit. Just kidding but I am always supporting Alzheimer by all means. So since this is very important to me why not take that loved one to a Screening in your area and see about getting screened! So many people have no idea they have Alzheimer’s and it’s heart breaking when they do find out about the diagnosis…but we need to help spread the word!!! Also with the holiday season coming up why not give a small holiday gift to the Alzheimer Foundation to help find a cure for this nasty disease!

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