Man oh Man it’s cold out!

Man oh Man it’s cold out is all I can say right now. It’s actually beginning to feel like Christmas outside because it’s really chilly out. The high today is supposed to be around 53 degrees which is our normal tempature in December…not at the beginning of November. But in all actuality I am completely ready for it to snow this year!!! I was talking with a very good friend who lives in West Virginia and she said that yesterday morning it snowed a very light dusting at her house. Now she does live in the mountains because her husband is a coal miner but still. Snow is already happening and I heard on the radio today that it snowed I think two feet in Upper NY! WoW! I really am praying that this Christmas we can have a White Christmas. I think it’s only happened a couple times in my lifetime and only really when we lived in Maryland. I want Olivia to be able to go out in the snow and see what it really is all about! To have fun and make snow angels and to have a snowball fight and make a snowman. We probably will not purchase a snowsuit for her this year and just bundle her up in clothes and layers like we did as children. I remember we would just put on every pair of sweat pants we could find and pants and go outside and play. It was so much fun! So please…Let it Snow is all I can say! If not then I will migrate back to Maryland for the winter! hahaha! Just kidding. But it would be nice to see us not have to work or anything else. Just beware of the drivers who can’t drive in snow in the south!
The picture above is Olivia’s first Christmas and it actually snowed the day after Christmas in 2004! She couldn’t go out and play in it but it was pretty!

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