Dentemp OS

Have you ever had a filling or even a cap fall off while you were eating or brushing your teeth? I have several times and it’s very embarrassing if it happens in public. I can recall a few months ago I had a filling fall out on my front tooth while brushing my teeth and it was so painful to brush my teeth after it fell out. I couldn’t believe that I was going to have to walk around for several days until the Dentist could get me in. At that point I am sure I would have lost several pounds if I wasn’t able to eat at all. Thankfully the dentist got me in within 3 days of losing the filling but still it was a painful deal. I hated it but oh well it happens. Now if only I had something like Dentemp OS at that time that I could have used to fix my tooth for a temporary time that I could have brushed and eaten food. If it would have been my 60 minute fix then that would have been awesome! Well I’ve seen this awesome new product in the stores but never thought it would help out but after reviewing the website and the product it is a product that I WILL be getting to have on hand in case the filling ever comes out again. Some of the benefits of this temporary dental repair is it provides fast, temporary relief from pain and discomfort, it replaces lost fillings and may be used as a cement to fix loose crowns. It is also Dentist Recommended which is awesome! Another great thing about this is that there is no mixing needed to make these easy fixes since they are in their own vials and you can eat or drink within 30 minutes of using the product. Way better than I would have ever thought. Plus here is the real kicker…it is FDA Approved! So if you are looking for that easy fix then why not go check it out and see if it can help you in your next time of need! I know I will!

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