I’ve been MIA

I know that I have been MIA in the past couple of days but life has been extremely busy for me. Olivia had her soccer game and her pictures on Saturday morning and it was very cold for us to be out there. She is trying to get sick and we are praying that she does not. Then on Saturday night she had a terrible temper tantrum to where we had to remove her from the others in the house and let her have it. Then she realized that I wasn’t going to play around anymore and she calmed down and went to go on and apologize to her papa for spitting in his face. She acted much better afterwards. Sunday I didn’t go to church again because I had a nasty reaction causing my throat to swell up shut. I know now that my body is trying to fight something because I only have these nasty things when I am getting sick and my body is fighting the sickness off. Oh well.

Ok then that afternoon I had another one and I didn’t eat anything that I thought would have caused it. I have been very fortunate the past day of not having a reaction. *fingers crossed that it won’t happen again*

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