School and Halloween

First off I’d like to say that I am doing much better in my class now that I understand it and of how I was told of how hard this class was. I got my test back that I took last week and I made an 89.9 which is basically an A. Then we got our progress reports back and I have a B in the class. Yes! I was told that if you got a C in the class then you got an easy teacher. Yes my teacher is easy in a sense but he really sits down and helps us out if we don’t understand where or how we got the code. Thank you to Mr. Miller for that. I will have him next semester for my class as well so I’m happy about that.

Tomorrow is Halloween and we still need to get Olivia ready for it. She of course only cares about the candy but thank goodness she will hopefully be getting other things than just that. For the past 3 Halloween’s we have gone out to the church for their fall festival but this year we wanted to do something different. We wanted to go ahead and go trick or treating since she is getting old enough to realize that her friends will be going as well. I will be making sure that she doesn’t have too much chocolate or sweets because they are having a party at school and I know she will be hyped up from that. So I am hoping that tomorrow night she will be able to sleep!!! Hahaha! I’ll be praying that she will at least. Tonight we went to Kmart and picked up two free bags of halloween candy and I might run by there tomorrow to get more. Just depends on how far behind I’m running I guess. Hahaha. I also got two free Juicy Juices and will most likely be going and getting more. Olivia drinks through these like it’s nothing so it will be good to use. Well I better be going. Have to do laundry and such before tomorrow. Have a great day!

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