What an Awesome Weekend!

This weekend has been great! It’s hard to believe that Terry actually got an entire weekend off!!! On Friday night we went and ate at Mario’s in Rocky Mount after looking at a possible Christmas present for me. I had a Calzone and it was so good. I thought I was hungry enough to eat it all but I wasn’t. I took part of it home with me. Then on Saturday we got up early and went to Olivia’s soccer game. Once again their team won! How awesome was that? Then we went to Cracker Barrel and ate breakfast/lunch and then went on down to Smithfield and shopped some. We all got new tennis shoes and it’s hard to believe that Olivia is already wearing a size 10.5 wide. She is going to have big feet like her daddy. I also picked up a few things from Carolina Pottery for Christmas and some mason jar glasses for us to use as drinking glasses. They are so country like and I love them. I remember my grandparents used to have a bunch of them. I had originally wanted to grab a garden flag from there but they didn’t have the color I wanted…only bright red and green for Christmas. Pass on that. We also went by the Bose store and looked at the cool prize we had won. I’m so excited because I don’t know if we are going to keep it or sell it. I guess it all depends on how finances are when we receive them.

Today we went to Terry’s parents house and we had a good lunch. Olivia has gotten better about acting up at the lunch table. She gets warned once if she acts up and then if does it again she gets taken out of the room and does not get to finish up her food. What a difference that has made. We went to eat for dinner at Zaxby’s and then went to Target for a few things we needed. I did see one of my old friends, Allyson and we are going to try to get together one day soon to catch up on what has been going on this past year. We both have been busy and it’s hard to believe that we let time go without calling each other.

Tonight Olivia went straight to bed and it was so nice not to have to fight with her to go to sleep. She slept all night last night too. I’m kind of hoping that this new schedule we have her on is going to help. She needs to be in bed at 8pm every night…including if we are not at our house. We had gotten her off a schedule when I went back to school this semester but that has got to stop. I can’t keep going through what I have been through so far. Plus with her going to start school next year…well we need to get her down pat again.

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