Modular Homes

Have you ever looked at any modular homes? I know that Terry and I have and we have decided that when we are finished paying off our house in 11 years we are going to get a modular home. We have found several floor plans that we like and hope that one day we can choose one that we will both agree on. Terry and I do live in a manufactered home and we are not ashamed of it either. It suits both of us and what our needs were almost 4 years ago. Yes even though we have outgrown the house already or we just have too much junk we are going to wait until we pay off the house. Who knows….we might be able to pay it off early one day which would be fine with me. With any modular home you can choose the floor plan that you like the best and they are always going to be just as sturdy if not more than a stick built home. You can have all the same ideas like if you want to add onto the house or if you want to change something within the floor plan to something you would like in it instead. Terry and I both know that we want at least a 3 bedroom house with a bonus room that we can use as a playroom/office. We also want to have a large kitchen with an island in it so that we both can cook and not be so cramped up in the kitchen like we are now. Plus we want to have a large enough dining room so that we can fit our set in it and not be so worried about it not fitting into the space we have chosen like we do now. So for whatever reason you want to look at one. They are definitely the future in homes and they are also very energy efficient too which is very helpful as well. So go take a look at them and see what your ideas could be and hopefully what your new home could be.

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