Gold Locket Review

I had the pleasure of recently getting to review a beautiful gold locket that was sent to me. It included in the locket a picture of Olivia that I had put in there and it was neatly done. It was all engraved in there and it looks beautiful. No more cutting out those pictures or trying to figure out how to get one of your pictures into that small little locket. These gold lockets are done perfectly for you. Plus you also get to have something engraved on either the other side of the locket and or on the front/back of the locket. I chose to have “Always in my heart” engraved on the back of the locket and it is awesome. Olivia will be receiving this for Christmas this year and she is going to love it. She has always wanted one but I was very hesitent to get her one at such a young age. She is now almost 4 so I think she is old enough to have on. Plus with this locket it came with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ laminated card as well as a polishing cloth. So that is why I am recommending that if you too are looking for something for that loved one or that special someone then why not check out these lockets. You won’t be sorry. I’m glad I got to review it because I would have not believed it could be done but it can!! I love this locket and will let Olivia cherish it forever!!! Below are a couple more photos of the locket. Enjoy!

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