portable scanner

Have you ever wished you had a device that you could scan in special documents or business cards or whatever you wanted to at that time and moment? Well now you can with this portable scanner. It’s a lightweight scanner that you can scan whatever you choose to at that time and moment. You can take it anywhere you want to and if you have a large enough purse well then why not take it in there. I know for one that I have to sometimes carry around one that is large enough to put some of Olivia’s clothes in it for an emergency now that she’s fully potty trained and well I could probably fit a horse in it too so this scanner wouldn’t take up that much room. Hahaha. Now you will have to have the scanner hooked up to something like a laptop or even a desktop but that can be so easy to do since it has a USB cord to go with it. Plus it’s even compatible with Windows Vista which a lot of new products are not. So this is really cool. Also the price of the scanner isn’t too bad either. I was expecting to be paying much more than it really is. How cool is that? Now onto the business card scanning…have you ever received a business card from someone and then put it in a special place, only to find out that you can’t remember where that special hiding place is? I do that all the time and it’s annoying and frustrating all in one. Well with the scanner you can scan in the business card and have it on your computer at all times when you need it the most. The portable scanner also works on MS Outlook which sometimes is near impossible for anything to work on it. So why not check out one of these and see how it would benefit you and your family!

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