Need Your Advice…

I am needing some advice or really I guess your opinions. I am really having a huge breaking point to the fact that I am trying to lose weight and it seems that I am not having any luck. It’s like I’ll lose a pound here and then gain it right on back. So here is what I am thinking…I am thinking to try out the 6 week body makeover by Michael Thurman who is well known on the hit TV series “Extreme Makeover.” Well I have tried several diets out there including Weight Watchers and still no can do. With WW I found it hard to keep up with the points and so it’s just been a time to keep up with everything else that I have to do. I too have used weight loss pills such as hydroxycut and Relacore and just don’t feel like those worked either. Yes I do have an elliptical and use it as much as I can but I still don’t feel like anything is coming off. In the past week I have gained 4 pounds and that’s very depressing to me so this is going to be my final option before saying I’m never going to be thin again. hahaha. So tell me what your thoughts on in using 6 Week Body Makeover. It looks like it must really work and I am very skeptical but you can never be so sure until you try something right?

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