Looks like I’m home again today

Wow! I feel so much better today but it looks like I am stuck at home again today because Olivia is sick. She woke up this morning running 103.7 fever so I knew she really didn’t feel good. It looks like she will not be playing soccer tomorrow because of the fever today. I don’t want to allow her to play. So we’ll have a saturday morning to rest I guess. It sucks that we’re not going anywhere today but oh well. It’ll be ok. She kept telling me last night she didn’t feel good but she normally says that when she is sleepy so I guess she was actually telling me the truth this time. I feel so horrible for not listening to her. I have already given her some motrin and hoping she will feel better soon. 🙂 Keep her in your thoughts and prayers though. I don’t want her to be as sick as I have been the past week. It’s not fun for an adult and I know its double not fun for a child. She is in on the couch watching tv and I don’t hear her so she might have fallen asleep.

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