Going Green

With everyone so worried about going green there is a cool new website that helps handle that. Why not check out this website that has environmental products that will help both you and the planet out in the long run. For me I like how greenandmore.com has all things from toy cars to compost bins. I want to help out the planet and also try to save on the electricity so why not check out the solar panels that you can add to your house instead of worrying about the electricity bill. I think it’s a pretty neat idea. Now this would be awesome if we could really do it but we can’t right now but I’ll keep it in the back of my mind for sure.

Another cool thing that you might want to check out is the awesome table and chairs which would look really nice in a playroom for the kids. Greenandmore.com has eco friendly products that you would want to use every day. The company lives on helping the environment by using only 100% recycled cardboard boxes, etc. Now what company can say that? Not many I’m sure. Plus if you choose to order something from them then why not use this cool code to get some percentage off of your total purchase:

live greener products

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