Espresso Machines

Do you like coffee? Do you hate going out to get an espresso and having to pay an arm and a leg for it? I know I do. So why not check out getting your own espresso machine. They will save you so much money in the long run because think of it this way. You have to pay for the gas to get to the store such as starbucks or a java place, then you have to pay for the espresso and then you have to worry about the gas back home. It’s crazy how much an espresso can cost you in the long run and you would have never thought about it. Now if you have a Starbucks like us and it’s in the Target and you already have to get one then yes not a problem but if your making that trip just to go for that one cup of coffee then your nuts. My parents have an espresso machine that was given to them way before starbucks or any store was popular for that and we still don’t know how to use it. Well maybe we’ll have to get it out now that we do. But if you want to save money check out some of the coolest espresso machines out there.

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