This Weekend and Sickness:(

This past weekend has been so busy. Really it has. LOL. On Friday I went to Cindy’s house and got my hair colored and cut. And do I mean cut when I say it. I got about 7-10 inches cut off and it feels so much nicer to have short hair. Plus I love the color that was done too! Olivia got her hair trimmed so that was nice too.

Then on Saturday we got up went to the soccer game where once again the “Blue Devils” won and she had such a good time. She really did’t want to play because her coach wasn’t there. Then it was off to the Pumpkin Festival for the day. We got to see the parade, ride the rides and have a good time. During the parade all I heard was I want to play that! The thing she was saying that about was the Drums. Yes when my child is old enough to be in the band she has made it clear to her daddy and I that she wants to play the drums. Oh boy too! She definately is her daddy’s child that’s for sure. I wish we could have stopped off at bojangles though to see my old teacher but it’s cool. I need to find out when the Roundtable is going to be. Terry and I would love to go see it. Then we saw the HOOTERs girls and well if my dad could have been here that would have been his highlight of the parade.

I however got sick over the weekend. From being around all that smoke that people would light up right around the kids and me and not think anything of it I got sick. I am allergic to smoke and it’s apparent too. I have been laying in bed all day from it. Yuck too! I am now running a fever and so I’m gonna go to bed soon. I feel awful. But I normally not the whiner but I feel like I have a large golf ball stuck in my throat and can’t swallow.

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