Bedroom Sets

I would love to have a new bedroom furniture for our bedroom because ours has about 3-4 different peices from when we got married 4 years ago. It has my matching dresser and nightstand, a nightstand that was my nana’s and has terry’s bed frame and dresser from when he was growing up. Yes it’s a blended assortment and so it’s about time we change it up for it to first off match and also to be ours! We can save the bed and the nightstand and dresser for the spare bedroom but the others has got to go.

So I was looking online and saw this awesome website for contemporary bedroom furniture that looks very nice and it has some ideas and sets that I personally like. Yes it’s time to move up in the year too because everyone is going to contemporary rather than traditional which is boring. Just kidding but it’s not for me anymore. I’d rather be in the groove of things than out of it. So why not check it out and see what fits your needs. Plus they have excellent customer service and will help you save 5% if you sign up for their newsletter..how cool is that?

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