File Sharing

Do you need a way to share your files with someone either you work with or with someone in your household on a different computer? If so then why not check out this awesome new file sharing website, Driveway. At Driveway you can upload your files up to 500 MB which is plenty. I mean get this only a song is around 3 or 4MB depending on the length of a song and and so you can put a bunch of songs in one folder and load it up to Driveway and share it with your other computer or who ever you want to. Now if I had only known about this then maybe I wouldn’t have had to purchase that external hard drive when my last computer died. I would have been able to set up an account and share my files on the web or be able to place on my new computer by adding the software on my computer and then grabbing the software off line.

With Driveway you will be able to also get a widget to put on your desktop, you will also be able to pull up your files off line which I think is very cool. I wish that on some of my files that are on my external hard drive I could get to from my laptop but I can’t. Why not you ask because it’s not able to where I can share them that’s all. Bummer because there are lots of songs on there that sometimes I wish I had on my laptop at work but oh well that’s life I guess.

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