I was reading online that Jenny McCarthy’s son has Autism and it’s not as uncommon as many people would think it is. I really feel for those who either are Autistic or who have kids that have Autism. Not too many people are aware of what Autistic kids go through but I have seen it in person and it’s hard to adjust to.

We used to live next to a family in Maryland whose son was behind in everything he did. He was always sick and they never knew why until one day Corrine took Garrett to the doctor and they did lots of testing. Come to find out he was Autistic and not much was known about this disease. It was strange and new thing that they were really looking and researching it. Garrett had to have a physical therapist come to the house just about everyday and work with him. I used to watch both, Joey and Garrett all the time and so it was just normal to us to see him being worked with. Now he is in his teens and he is growing up. From the last time that I talked with Corrine he was doing so well in school and he was going to a special school in Howard County, MD. I have to make a trip up there soon to visit with them but I always send pictures and all that to them of Olivia and the family. It’s nice to keep in touch with our friends from Maryland especially our next door neighbor.

Autism is not a terrible disease, it’s something that so many people need to be educated on. It’s also something that so many doctors are doing experimental research and different studies on to se if there is any more help that they can give to these Autistic children and adults. I know that things are happening at both John Hopkins University and also at Duke University now. If you are really looking for help and you think your child has Autism or just want to research more about it then go to to Here.

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