I’m thinking about going Green

After receiving a electrical bill for $167 I have decided that we need to cut back on how much power we use. I know that last month was the hottest month of the year but still $167 for a small house and just 3 people? That’s way too much if you ask me. Well what have I decided to do just to change this. I have decided to start washing my clothes in cold water and use the Tide Coldwater laundry detergent instead of using hot and warm water all the time. I have also decided to cut my showers in half as it is because using all that hot water gets us too. Terry takes a way to long shower in my own opinion but that’s just how he is I guess. Now using totes is going to be my next gig I’m sure. I have way too many plastic bags around the house so I guess I need to clean up them first. I will also probably take them somewhere that they can be recycled.

Well it’s hard to believe that I am thinking about this kinds of things because let me tell you. If it was about a year ago or even 6 months ago I would have thought going “green” was stupid but now that I see how much our electrical bill was last month I have to. I have a family to care for and all but I’m not going to go all out!!! Anywho, tonight I have school and my first test so wish me good luck, i’m gonna need it. LOL.

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