Soccer starts tomorrow!

Olivia is so excited because soccer starts tomorrow for her. She can’t wait. They said that all we had to bring were shinguards but we’re going to bring her soccer cleats just in case. You never know what they will need. I did find out from someone who I work with in another state is that Dicks Sporting Goods has a youth soccer set for $39.00 that includes shinguards, cleats, ball and a bag. That’s a real good price too so I might be checking that out for the spring season. Thanks Tom for the information. So for any of you that are looking for this head on over to the nearest Dicks and check it out!

Tomorrow I will be bringing the camera, and maybe the camcorder. Just all depends on how behind we are running. 😛 Ok so I gotta run for now. I’ll write more later if I can.

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