Two Books are on their way!!!

My friend Amy has referred two books that I need to read about disciplining Olivia. Well over the weekend I searched for it around town but it was so expensive in the book store that I went home and ordered it offline. I got “The Discipline Book” by Dr. Sears and also “How to Talk to Kids so They Will Listen and Listen so Kids will talk.” The Discipline Book I got off of Amazon.com because I had a $10 gift certificate for there so it only cost me $4.19 for the book. The other book I got off of Ebay since I had enough money in my paypal account and it only was $5.30 plus shipping and handling which wasn’t that bad either. Cost me around $10 total. So where could I go wrong with that. I know that both books have been out for a while now and I’m honestly ready to try anything to get things under control again.

So thank you Amy for those great suggestions and I’ll let you all know how I feel about them after I get them and start reading them.

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