A great deal found!

I forgot to post this several weeks ago but now have remembered to post it. LOL I’m bad about doing this too. Sorry.The other day I was in Sams Club picking up several things that we needed and came across the Horizon Organic Milk in the refridgerated section. Well lets just say that its much cheaper there then it is at Walmart and I can get in and out of there quickly too. Normally at Walmart I pay 2/$6 but instead I paid $2.88 per carton which I felt was a very reasonable price. Since this milk is quite expensive in the grocery store I normally hold off on getting it until it either does go on sale or if I’m in Rocky Mount (which is like everyday now). Plus I also found that the little chocolate milk containers of the Horizon Milk is cheaper as well at Sams Club. Normally I pay almost $3 for 3 of the little milks but instead I got 18 for $12 which is a definate bargain. I just had to share this with everyone since I’m all about saving money and trying to eat more healthy. I hope you all find that this is helpful and enjoy the rest of the day!

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