International Calls

Do you make International Calls? Are you looking for a cheap international phone card? If so why not sign up Pingo which offers you some excellent cheap phone cards and international phone cards.

I can remember going to the Bahamas with my sister a little over 4 years ago and we had a good time but didn’t realize that it was so expensive to call home. Yes we could have used our cell phones but we didn’t even bring them with us because we had no idea if they would work there. Duh. We were so nieve then. hahaha!Yeah if we had only known about this awesome new service that could have saved us a lot of money in trying to call home and say hello to our family. Instead we only got to speak to mom and dad for like 5 minutes because we bought a card and the rate was $1.00 a minute.

Instead with Pingo you can sign up and receive over 5 hours of international calls and will receive an $8 card as well!!! They also have no hidden fees, No surprises with the best rates out there. With this awesome service they offer you clear, reliable calls, have awesome rates and if you refer a friend to their service they will give you $5 in free calls as well. Now another cool thing about this is that they have several other options other than the international cards, you can also get a cheap phone card for the states as well. Now go sign up for Pingo and try them out. It never hurts to just give them a try and also to remember that they are one of the most reliable networks delivering over 1.1 billion international calling cards. How cool is that!!! And one last thing…They are offering a special phone card discount coupon: “PPP3” which is valid off $3 of Pingo! Also you can receive a $25 phone card for only $17. You can’t beat this so why not go sign up for it and check it out. You never can have too many phone cards when traveling internationally and also can never to be too unprepared for your travels.

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