Today we Remember

Today we Remember those that lost their lives on the tragic day 6 years ago when the Nation was under attack. It’s hard to say that it was an accident when it truly wasn’t. It’s hard to sit here at work when we know that millions of people died that day. So I know that this is still a sad day for millions and for me I feel that we should make 9/11 a National Holiday. Not as for fun but to remember those who were killed and died as heros!

So go and remember those who passed away 6 years ago on this day and try to have a silence for them at least one time today!

We will never forget about this day! God Bless the USA!!!!!

***Update: Since it’s been made clear to me that only thousands died instead of millions I just wanted to clear that up to you. I don’t watch the news or anything else because it’s too depressing so pardon me for my mistake. Enjoy your day!

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