Today is so Sloooooow!

Wow! Today is going by soooo sloooooow! I feel like five o’clock will never get here. Not much is happening work wise and I should have brought my homework with me but noooooo I left it lying on the bed from last night. What was I thinking? I am going to call back the person that might have the secret gift I was looking for to see if she still has it. I’m praying she does because it was a really good deal! I am the one who is always looking for deals and when I find one I jump on it. 🙂 But I am not going to go out and purchase one of those new iPhones even if Apple cut $200 off of them. That’s stupid! I’m still not going to pay close to $400 for a cell phone!

Anywho, I better get going. Have to make some kind of phone calls and or look for people. I’m bored and you can probably tell!!

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