Mean Mommy!!!

Is it that obvious that I have an out of control child? Yes I think it is. I have let her get away with too many things and now she expects things or does it because she “wants to“. This weekend so far was an eye opener for me and I have to take action now to get it under control!!!

Last night while at my sisters house, Olivia decided to get up and take things into her own hands…literally. She decided that since everyone was in bed it was ok to get up out of the bed and go in the bathroom and have a good old time. I woke up to her kind of laughing but couldn’t tell if it was in my sleep or not. I was in that “Huh” stage and my sister is yelling at Olivia. I walk in there to find out what really happened and boy was I really upset and angry with my child. She should know better and I should have made sure she was asleep before I was I guess. She had decided to paint on her wall in the bathroom with the liquid soap. Oh she was in it this time. I’ve had enough of her actions to allow it to go on. I went back into the bedroom and spanked Olivia so hard that it almost made my cry. Now I don’t like spanking my child but it’s truly the ONLY way to get through to her and to make her understand. I have tried being nice and talking to her thinking she is fully aware of what her actions will be and I’m just going to turn into “Mean Mommy” now. I’ve had my fill of it and so I need to take the action into my hands. She was balling her eyes out and I went to see if my sister needed help. Thankfully it came off of the walls but it still made me upset and angry that my 3 year old would do this!!! What was she thinking? I don’t know but it must have been fun at the time.

Then today she was a total “Sarcastic Brat” to me all day. Not listening to a word I said and just well walking all over me. As we were out and about today she heard what I had told her about running out in front of me and running away from me. I have tried strapping her into her stroller but she always finds a way out. I have asked her nicely to please don’t do things or to please stay by my side but no she ran away or just didn’t care what I even said to her. She disobey’s everything that I say to her. She is going to have to learn to gain that respect again and I’m NOT going to be treated like a “I told you so” kind of deal. I’m a human being to and if spanking her is the only way to get through to her then so be it! I’ll have to do it then!!!!

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  1. Hey there–
    I hate to suggest it but if she is running away from you in parking lots etc. it is dangerous so I will. Have you considered a toddler leash? I used one with some developmentally disabled children (who were much older than Olivia btw) and it worked really well. Eddie Bauer has a cute one at Target that has a bear on it. Just a suggestion.

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