Tonight & Tomorrow

It’s only one more day until Terry gets paid his overtime check. I can’t wait either because it’s going to be a pretty sweet one too. Now tomorrow I have to go to the dentist to have my bridge fixed and put back in and then go have the oil changed in the car. It’s a little overdue and so I better get that taken care of before we head out of town on Sunday. Terry was hoping to get a GPS for the car and for when we go on long trips but I don’t think he wants to now. Oh well, I guess we have to figure out now what he wants to do with that extra cash.

Tomorrow evening I am heading to Greenville to visit with my sister. She asked what I was doing and since she has a weekend off we figured it would be fun to go visit her. So Olivia and I will be using our sleeping bags in her new apartment. How cool is this going to be? We’ll probably make cookies too so I have to remember to bring the step stool with us when we go. I’m also selling my scanner to a gentleman in G-ville since I have no need for it now. It was taking up way too much space on my desk anyways.

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