Today I have been thinking about what keeps me going day to day. I think it all depends on what you enjoy and how bad of a day you think that you have. Well lately I have been listening my ipod like it’s going out of style because it helps me get through those rough times and some of the songs give me encouragement too. Ok so one of my favorite singers is Josh Groban and he is a hottie that’s for sure. He sings Christian songs like You Raise Me Up which everytime I listen to I start to get goosebumps and almost want to cry. But he also sings a new song that I just heard today and boy it’s so true…”Don’t Give Up, You are Loved.” Below is the video for the song and if you don’t get chill bumps or just don’t feel better after listening to it then you don’t understand the song itself. Josh Groban is an excellent singer and my goal next year is to go see him in concert even if it means I have to go alone! LOL

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