Our Mountain Trip!!!

This weekend was so much fun. It was an exciting yet long ride on the way to Salisbury is all I have to say. On Friday we took the Amtrak 79 to Salisbury but our train ride which was only supposed to be 4 hours turned into almost 7. All of the signals from Maryland to Wilson were not working and shorted out so we were already on a 3 hour delay and then once we got into Cary it was another 30-45 minute delay there. Olivia was tired and cranky and I had to keep taking her to the bathroom in there because she felt it was necessary to go every 15 minutes or so. But one thing good came out of this ride. Olivia has finally gone stinky in the potty. She told me she had to go and it was great. We were riding somewhere outside of Cary when she went. As soon as we got into the bathroom she was telling me she had to feed her fairies in the toilet. (this is how we got her to go. Tonya and I told her that fairies lived in the hole in the toilet and in order to keep them happy she needed to go poop. They lived off of eating poop and if she went the first time then she would get $1 from them under her pillow. It worked because now she has told us that she doesn’t want to use pull-ups anymore but only big girl panties. Thank you Tonya for telling her this!!!) Ok so after that episode she had to go again which was even better. Haha! We didn’t make it into Statesville until 11:45pm. Olivia then didn’t want to go to bed but yet play and watch TV. I was so tired and tired of telling her “No” that I allowed her to sleep in the bed with me. For one I didn’t get much sleep then.

On Saturday we got up and got ready for the day. It was going to be a long day is all I could say. We had planned on going to an Amish Store in Statesville but we at first couldn’t find it because the directions that were given to us were incorrect. Then we found out that they were closed for the week. How fun! We spent almost an hour trying to find it. Then we went up to the Rockin’ K Ranch to look at where the wedding was going to be at. Oh how it makes me miss taking trips to the mountains. I think that we are going to try going next year and I hope that we can go to the ranch more often. J Well on Saturday afternoon we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then back to the Hotel for a quick nap before we had to get dressed and ready for the wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and I’m so happy that Larry is now apart of the family. He is so nice and he cares a lot for Theresa. We loved the ring bearer too, Pootchie Kidd who is Larry’s poodle. She got all glammed up for the wedding too. Olivia loved that dog! Lets see, we had an awesome dinner at the wedding which was good old cooking from Larry’s catering company. Mmm…is all I can say. I only had wished that Terry could have gone to the wedding too to dance with me once. They had a live band which played all kinds of songs. Plus one of the guys there was hot! LOL. I can only look but never touch!!!! After the wedding we went back to the Hotel with Jamie who stayed the night with us. It was so much fun because we could have never had that much fun if it was just Olivia and I in the room.

Sunday we had to be up by 6:30am in order to get to the train station in Salisbury in time. We ate a small breakfast and then left. It was a nice ride back up there and even though we were all so tired we had a good time. The train was running about 15 minutes late which was ok with me. I didn’t expect for it to be on time that early anyways. We rode Amtrak 80 back home. Well once we got back home we went to eat at K&W and then it was back to my parents to pick up my vehicle. I couldn’t wait to see my bed and my husband. Last night I crashed and didn’t even eat dinner. We all were so tired. Terry had worked all night the night before so we had an early night. I even had to get up again to finish up my homework and to watch the season finale of Army Wives. Now I can’t wait to see when the next season would be!!! I’ll be posting pictures of the trip soon enough.

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