Olivia & the TV

Lately we have been having a hard time pulling Olivia away from the TV and it seems to be getting worse each and every day. Now I normally don’t allow Olivia to watch TV in the morning but recently she has been coming into the living room while I’m getting ready for the day and sits in front of the tube and there she stays. Getting her ready in the morning is so difficult that I’m getting upset every morning before I leave for work. Then here’s the big kicker if I ask her to please turn off the television she ignores me and I have to yell at her in order for her to understand me or to hear me. I hate yelling at my child but lately it seems like the only thing to get through to her when she has that TV on.

Now here is what I ask you…when your child watches television do you have a hard time pulling them away from what they are watching. Do you let them watch educational programs like Playhouse Disney or PBS, or PBS Sprout channel? How much TV do you allow your child or children to watch a day. I allow normally about 2 hours total and then after that she needs to go to bed or in her room to play or read. But lately it’s getting to where she wants to watch a movie in her room and stay up all night. Yeah so not going to happen. I need to sleep too and so does she.

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  1. Hi! I was doing my normal clicking and found that you had linked to me! Thank you so much.. and then I got sucked into your blog! As for TV, my problem is the computer and that Rune Scape game. My two oldest are addicted to it. We’ve told them only 1 hour a day and the rest of their time can be spent doing something else. So what happens? They both go outside and get hurt! LOL Anyway I do have younger children who like TV a little bit but not too bad.. my 12 year old lives for it though. *sigh* I guess the best thing to do is unplug it. Yank that sucker out of there!

  2. I would just not turn it on int he morning at all. Then, maybe your morning will go smoother.

    We have been watching way too much here this summer. Usually, we allow about 2 hours a day. 1 hour early in the day and 1 later, usually while I cook dinner.

    Sometimes I turn the volume down or off to get their attention. I give them a warning of how many more minutes of TV time they have, sometimes I set a timer. When the bell rings we are done with TV. Yes, sometimes they are unhappy! Too bad. If they freak out and throw a fit, then they lose TV time the next day. The good thing about having a TV addict in your house is that you know EXACTLY how to punish them. Take the TV away!! LOL!

    Good Luck!

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