New Changes & Helpful Hints

As you might have already noticed, I have made some well needed changes to my blog. I love to change around my backgrounds on my myspace page so why not do it here on my blog. Yes, I know I can’t make up my mind how I want to keep it but this background and layout will do just fine for me right now. I did a search on google yesterday and found out the Pyzam does blogger layouts too. Yes! I love using them for myspace and now I can have the backgrounds and colors too for here. Now here is a little hint that I have found that worked in order to get it onto blogger.

When you are editing your HTML on the layout or customize page you want to make sure you have a backup of everything including your sidebar and items within them. I just copied and pasted all of the items into a notepad file and saved it. I also did this with my original layout and design I had before. Then I deleted all of the widgets except for the archives and about me. Then I copied and pasted the new code from pyzam into the main HTML code and saved it. Then went and made sure it was on there correctly. Then I went in and added back my little widgets and moved them into the place I wanted them. Then kazaam…my new page was complete and I love it!!! So if you need any help with trying to figure it out just let me know. It took me a day or so to figure it out but I did it and I love my new changes.

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