I’m Ready for School to Start!!!

This morning I went on up to Nash Community College and enrolled into one of the two that I need to graduate. I signed up for CPT Coding in the Medical Office which is a pretty intense class that I have been told. I found out that my advisor is no longer there and so I have a new one and she is the sweetest person too. I’m glad that I have already met her and how she told me that if I needed anything to call her and she would be more than happy to help me out. Much better than the last one which was never around to help out. But anyways, I also found out that since I have only 1 more class after this one that I need to fill out all of the Graduation information by September 18th!!! I can’t believe that come May 2008 I will have finally graduated College!!! It’s been a long journey but it’s all worth it. I will then have my Medical Billing and Coding Certificate and that’s fine with me. The books this semester were high but I knew that they were going to be at least $100 but not $230 for 4 books all for the one class. Geesh! If I choose later on in life to go back for the actual Associate Degree then I will do so then but for now I’m perfectically fine with the Certificate. Wow! Life has been really good to me for me to get this far. It’s not that simple to go to school and have a family at home to take care of.

I would have never made it this far if it wasn’t for my husband and best friend who kept pushing me to continue in school. They are the best thing in the world to live for and also for my daughter Olivia. I can’t wait until next year when she’s in school (Pre-K) and we’ll be taking her to school and picking her up from school. Wow!! Then we’ll have homework too. I am going to check out some preschools now that we can maybe enroll her in like the one at the Methodist Church in Nashville. I know that they have one but I don’t know how old they need to start and how much it’s going to cost? It’s something that Terry and I would like to look into. Plus we need to check with Red Oak Elementary to see if they are going to have Pre-K next year.

Well I better be going. Have some work to do and phone calls to be made.

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