How Long til Christmas?

Today I have found myself listening to Christmas Music which normally I start in October to listen to but this past week has been so hot, I think it’s just wishful thinking now. Now don’t get me wrong I love the summer but I hate these Awful Hot Days. I just wish that we would get some kind of cold front or it would be late fall/early winter. I just want one day to see cooler weather than in the high 90’s. Plus Christmas is just around the corner if you think about it. It seems that this year has passed so quickly already but it seems like I have done much more this year then last year. Is it because I am so happy because I have a husband who loves me beyond belief, or a daughter who is growing up too quickly. Could it be because I have found a Best Friend that understands who I am and what I go through or is just because 2007 is a new beginning for who I am. I don’t know the answer but I will say that I have never been any happier then now. My life is coming into place and who cares if we will only have one child…it’s all worth it because we can give her everything that she will ever need, a home, family, clothes, food and LOVE.

This Christmas will be great and I’m hoping that we can all celebrate it just for the Love of Christ Our Saviour and not so much on the gifts. (yeah, try telling that to Olivia.)

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