Today I have been so lazy! It’s been so nice too because even though I had made plans to clean it’s been nice to do absolutely nothing. The only thing that I have done is set up my new computer which is totally awesome!!! It’s so nice to have a computer that the screen doesn’t go blank on and also to have it be fast and quite compared to my old Dell. Now don’t get me wrong about my other computer, it served it’s purpose for almost 6 years. Well last night it was doing some really funky things and then a blue screen popped up and Tonya said that is the “Death” screen. It’s so funny because it was almost like it didn’t like me because I purchased a new computer. Oh well, this morning I decided to break down the old one and set up the new one. Windows Vista is awesome and so much cooler than XP.

I better be going…have to still pack, get Olivia dressed, feed and water the dog and leave for Tarboro in the next 20 minutes.

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