Tax Free Weekend Started Today!!!

Ok so today started Tax Free weekend and I am so happy. I save a bunch of money just getting my desktop computer alone. Now I won’t go into details about what happened when I went to pay for it but lets just say I’m pulling one checking account out of the bank its in now and putting into Wachovia. They treat people a whole lot better then our bank does now! Anywho, Terry met me up at Best Buy and as I left with my computer he went ahead and bought me a Western Digital External Hard Drive for $89.99 (only $10 more than the off brand one I had picked out at Sam’s Club the other day.) I however went on over to Old Navy and bought me a pair of Jeans since I needed a new pair. I was surprised when I tried on the pair and they fit!!! I was originally in a size 24w right after I had Olivia and have been slowly but surely losing the weight. The pair that I tried on was a size 18, yes that’s what I said, an 18!!! I was so happy because for me that means that what I am doing to lose the weight is working. I just need to continue doing what I’m doing now and maybe bump up the exercising a bit more. Do some crunches or something to lose my belly jiggle.

On a completely different note I couldn’t sleep last night so I went into the office/spare room and started cleaning it. I went through several boxes that had nothing but junk in them and threw away what was not neccessary and junk. I am probably going to have a joint yard sale with Tonya so that we can both get rid of the things we don’t use or need anymore. We just need to figure out when we want to have it. I just now have to get into the closet and pick through there of what we don’t need and I also have some clothing in there too I’d like to look through. And then I’ll vaccum and dust that room too. I then will probably start on the dining room and the kitchen next. The bedroom and Living room will be a different day. But I want to be able to invite people over to our small little house and not be embarrassed by the way it looks. I’m getting there slowly but surely as well. Just keep up my good attitude and don’t lose it with the rest of the family. I know I can do it!!!

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